What Liz Can Do for You

The Power of Private Placement

• The Private Placement program at Washington Fine Properties allows Liz's sellers the ability to potentially find a buyer without placing their homes in the multiple listing service, should they wish to do that. It also allows her buyers the chance to see and purchase homes before the listings come to the open market. Through our network of top agents, Liz has been very successful in both bringing buyers to WFP Private Placement offerings and having her listings sell in WFP Private Placement.

• Liz recently had clients who had been looking in a particular neighborhood for quite a while without much success. The weekly Washington Fine Properties tour included a fabulous off-market home on the specific street that was their favorite. She called her clients while walking through the home and made an appointment to show it to them. They saw the home and loved it, and were under contract within a week.

• Liz had clients who were considering a renovation instead of moving; they were finalizing things with their contractor when they decided to look at one last home. It turned out to be perfect for them. In order to make the deal happen, it was important to them that they sell first, but they wanted to do that quietly. Liz was able to privately market their home and quickly obtain a full-price offer, which was contingent upon Liz's clients getting their new home under contract. Even though their new home ended up with multiple offers, Liz's clients prevailed, and both deals were completed seamlessly.

Positioning for Success

• The perfect buyers for a listing of Liz's had toured the property several times, and she knew they were "the ones". She got the impression that they might be nervous about purchasing because they were new to the area and felt like they hadn't gotten to know it well enough. After she had not heard from their agent for a number of days, her intuition told her that they had decided to rent. She called their agent, and sure enough, they had just been approved for a rental - but, they had not yet signed the lease. Liz quickly encouraged her sellers to consider renting to them because she believed it would convert into a sale. They took her advice, and a lease was negotiated and signed. Within two months the tenants offered to purchase the home. An offer was ratified, and a successful settlement was completed shortly thereafter.

• A particular property had been on the market for over a year with another agent. Liz was called in and had a limited time to make the sale. Her recommendations, which were hard for the sellers to hear, included removal of all existing wallpaper and carpet, new paint throughout, cleaning and repositioning the listing within the market. The sellers agreed to all of the recommendations, and within three weeks, the work was completed, new photography had been taken, a new brochure produced, and the property re-launched into the multiple listing and marketplace. The house went under contract within 30 days with a fully non-contingent offer, and settled quickly after that.

Reading the Market

• Liz had a great listing on the market which launched in the summer, just after the Fourth of July. The home was being shown often, but after about three weeks on the market had not yet received an offer. The sellers were concerned and proposed lowering the asking price. She let them know that she would do whatever they wanted her to do, but advised them to hold their price. She felt in this particular instance that it was too soon. The buzz around the house was where it needed to be. Within a week, two groups stepped up and made offers. Liz advised them as to which was the strongest, and why, and a full price offer was ratified, followed by a quick settlement.

Crafting Winning Deals

After decades of working with multiple offer situations representing both buyers and sellers, Liz is proud of the success she has achieved in negotiations. Whether recommending to buyers the steps they need to take in the process, or working with buyers’ agents while moving through the negotiations, she works to communicate and set expectations. She has been able to position her buyers to make creative and unique offers which will give the sellers something different that they may not be getting from other buyers. On the flip side, as the listing agent she also works to let the buyers’ agents know what will appeal to the sellers and guide them to propose something that is as ideal for the seller as possible. It’s all in the communication and the setting of expectations – a key factor in this business!

What Can I Do for You?